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  • Welcome to my blogsite!

    Ever since I got my first point and shoot for Christmas, I've had one, sometimes even two cameras attached to me at all times. To be honest, I was (and still am) secretly scared of missing out on those special moments and having only a story to remember them by.

    Maybe it's my Japanese side (thanks Dad!), but my camera is an extension of myself. Nothing makes me happier than being there to document life and the wonderful people and places I experience. I love shooting it all, be it the birth of a newborn, the love and connection between a newly engaged couple, or a grandfather's 80th birthday.

    My love for photography goes beyond my profession; it's my life. I consider the people, families, and even the animals I shoot as friends first, and clients second. If we haven't met before, I look forward to meeting you! If we have met, I hope to see you again soon!




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