A Wild Whim Wedding

Second shooting at weddings  is really the best of both worlds.  I absolutely love it!  I don’t think people really understand the amount of stress and physical prowess that is involved in being a wedding photographer.  You might as well call those who do Superman and/or Superwoman.  Not only does it take the mental capacity of a ______(fill in the blank with the smartest person you know), but you have to be in shape and ready to be on your feet for 12-15 hours and carry gear that weighs as much as a 3 month year old child.  ALL DAY LONG.  Around your neck,  in front of your face, up in the air…. really without stopping.  Up, down, kneeling, laying on the ground…oh my, it’s addicting and exhausting all at the same time.

So you can see why I jumped at the chance to shoot with Kelly at Wild Whim.  Not only is she talented, beautiful, and fabulous to work with, but it allows me to be in the moment and fall in love with capturing love all over again while taking that stress level down a notch. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and even doubly grateful that my sweet husband made a weekend trip out of it.

We had a blast, and with a beautiful couple in a perfect location, surrounded by those they love, made it into a very special day.

More pics from this wedding can be found here.

A Wild Whim Wedding

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