Baby Bruf | Utah Maternity Photography

I’ve been busy growing a human and it couldn’t be more miraculous.  After years of infertility and hopes that we would someday have a family we are finally expecting a little boy in October!    Putting the business aside for a time has been necessary if not mandatory. I was recovering from Mono and H1N1 when I found out I was pregnant so it’s been quite the effort to get back to being healthy but I’m finally feeling like a normal person again.  It’s been exhausting feeding myself every two hours and making sure it’s not all cookies, cakes, chips and onion dip (gluten free of course…it’s been quite the challenge) but the me time has been worth every minute.  I’ll be 6 months next week and the time is flying by so quickly that I haven’t had a chance to think or do much of anything except focus on being pregnant.

I did however finally give my website a much needed makeover.  Blog posts and old sessions have been postponed until I could finally get this up and running and I’m determined to get it updated with all of my sessions this past year and hope there will be more of a reason for you to come back and visit. Hope you enjoy! Please take a look around and stay tuned for some summer specials!

xo, Summer

       {me: 13 weeks 3 days}


Baby Bruf | Utah Maternity Photography

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