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If you haven’t seen any of our Looks from Books Series on the Delicious Reads Blog, the collaboration that happens with these peeps is pretty magical.

Make up: Jen | Classy Cosmetics

Styling: Jacque | Looks for Lovelies & Kris | Hale Centre Theatre

Hair: Jennifer Squires & Angie Terberg

I love working with each of them for obvious reasons….they have so much talent, passion and are just all around so much fun.  Typically the shoots are from books to movies, but in this case it’s part book, part play/musical, and part movie and we shot this just in time for the Into the Woods debut on Christmas Day where everyone went above and beyond to re-create some well known fairytale characters.

Cinderella, her step-sisters and step-mother, Rapunzel and the witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Baker’s wife.

In Jen’s words, she explains the inspiration behind the shoot: We wanted to find a painting with just enough people to supply us with a vision for just the “Women Of the Woods”. La Primavera by Botticelli fit the bill perfectly.
 The lad in the cape was perfect to be Red, the three dancing women our stepfamily, the woman in the middle, the baker’s wife (remember her being the central character), next is Cinderella gathering something in her gown and longingly wishing to be apart of the dance to her right. Lastly you see the struggle between the witch and Rapunzel. Obviously this is not what he had in mind when he painted it but we put our characters in the same positioning aaaaaaaaannnnnd…..

Voila! Our very own Botticelli inspired, Into the Woods inspired photo. Inspiration within inspiration, it’s like Inception lol! I cannot tell you what it does to me that these women are willing to jump out of reality, get made up and go pose out in the woods so that I could have a dream realized. I was seriously giddy the whole day! 

The Witch (Robin)


Red (Jacque)


Cinderella (Kate), her wicked step sisters (Carissa & Angie) and step-mother (Kellie)



Rapunzel (Kara)


Head over here for the full background and details on Jen’s Vision and background on each character over at the Delicious Reads blog!

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