Century Dancesport Summer Showcase

Can we be honest?  Everyone should stop what they’re doing right this instance and sign up for a free trial lesson at a ballroom studio!

Or maybe you don’t…you’ll be hooked forever.  I came across this studio last year with a Groupon thinking that after my 2 privates and some group classes that would be the end of it.

Boy was I wrong.  I am a full blown ballroom dancer now.

We had our Summer Showcase “From the Heart” last month and I shot as much as I could during our dress rehearsal.  It was less than  an hour later when I had a little collision with my instructor’s head and fractured my nose on both sides and had a bone splinter off!  I was a trooper and danced in the show two hours later.  I ended up having surgery last Tuesday and still have this hideous cast thingamagig on my face, but I survived and I even had it caught on video.

Even after all that, I still think ballroom is the best thing since sliced bread (you know that means a lot when I’m gluten free!).

So hopefully these pics get you motivated to get out and dance!  It’s great for the heart, mind, body, and soul!

Here is me and my instructor Dawid (currently the reigning USA Rising Star Smooth Champion with his wife Natalie)….shot by my better half and my newly appointed 2nd shooter Tyler.


Century Dancesport Summer Showcase
  • Thea Clark - Fun dance pics. Good luck in all endeavors T.C.ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - The photos look so good Summer! I still can’t believe you were able to dance after breaking your nose… definitely a trooper!ReplyCancel

  • Summer Nicole - Thanks ladies! I can’t believe it either Deanna! I’m quite proud that I sucked it up myself. 🙂 There was no way I was going to sit this one out!ReplyCancel

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