For the Love

For a short time last year I had to do photography because I had to.  I was working three jobs to make ends meet and luckily my hard work was able to pay the bills and make our rent.  I have never been so grateful to have a way to earn extra income, but I never would wish that to happen to anyone…working close to 80 hours a week is a sure way to burn out and turning a love or a passion into something only to make money is just not a way to live.

That was the beginning of my spiral down into a serious funk.

I’m sure it’s no secret how distant I’ve been on FB, my blog, and basically with life in general.  The last six months have been a serious struggle…another big move, a battle with depression/anxiety, dealing with a painful disease, infertility, this annoying gluten intolerance (the dr. says Celiac disease) and just simply trying to find my way in this life has been heavily weighing me down.  Obviously with my ridiculously decaying body (31 sucks!), trying to further my business simply became too overwhelming.

I had to get mentally and physically healthy again first.

And here I am…slowly taking baby steps and finding that giddy Christmas morning feeling I get when I pick up my camera.   I’m excited to see where I go from here and what direction my photography wants to take me.  From weddings, birth stories, pets, children and families, and more recently scratching the surface with nature photography, I really can’t seem to stick with just one thing because they all fill me up in such different ways.    It doesn’t seem fair to have to choose when I can have a piece of them all (is that even the least bit possible?).

Hope you agree and stop by often to see what I’m up to next.  I just shot a wedding on Saturday in Palos Verdes that I’m dying to share, I’m traveling to DC/VA next week, and a few other trips are in the works this summer.   I’m making a promise right now to play catch up and share my sessions from where I left off last Fall.

Yikes. Did I just say that?

Okay, yes…truly I will blog them all one way or another.  I’m just sorry it took me this long so stay tuned!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s my little guy Duds who always lights up our world when things start to go dark:



For the Love

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