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As luck would have it the dreary weather held out long enough for us to fit in a mini-session with this adorable family and still managed to have a fun time doing it.  Those handsome boys are going to be lady killers and that little one…watch out! She’s such a beauty!

Thanks Menzie fam!

Now that it’s finally Fall and the cold weather will be keeping us inside, I have an excuse to watch all the tv I want so I can catch up on blogging!  It’s been one busy summer with lots of traveling,  training for a half marathon , and being sick {no fun} which hasn’t allowed time for much else unfortunately.  I’m looking forward to being productive, getting pumped for the holidays coming up and sharing all these great families, babies, and weddings with you.

I hope everyone is enjoying getting into their back to school routines and getting life more organized now that the fun of summer is officially over.  Me for one has getting my closet in order at the tippy top of my list.  I’m going to try putting my hangers backwards and if they are not turned around in 6 months, they’re getting tossed/donated.  Same with organizing my closet by color.  I am never more envious than walking into a friends closet and everything is a rainbow of beautiful organized colors.  If being organized is in your genes, I certainly did not get blessed with that talent.  Same with the housework one.  🙂 And I don’t know about you but I cannot seem to part with anything that still fits, even if it is out of style.  I wore overalls the other day and I didn’t care.  They are SO comfy.  It’s a huge problem.

Anyways, whatever you are trying to tackle this season, make sure you squeeze in those family photos!  Tyler and I are doing a trade with another photographer next month and I am so excited.   We haven’t had ours done since the first year we were married. Don’t be like us. Even if you don’t have kids, I think they are just as important!

Menzie Family | Orange County Family Photography
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