My Secret Shell

You may not believe it now, but I used to be an extremely shy little girl.  I hated talking on the phone, being away from my parents, and rarely was left with babysitters.  I think it’s in my nature to be somewhat reclusive and to want to crawl into my shell every now in hopes that no one will notice me.  I hate being the center of attention and am completely content listening instead of speaking.

What I love about photography and (dancing my other love) is that they have made me come out of that shell, and have made me much more comfortable around people, large crowds, and being somewhat the “center” of attention while trying to get a shot.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel nauseous when it comes to public speaking, but boy, have I really come a long way!

Never would I have imagined me being a photographer, especially at weddings taking shots this awesomely crazy crowd.

Now I love it.  I need it.  I crave it.

My Secret Shell

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