Summer’s Spotting Of The Week | California Quail

Quails are some of my favorite birds but they sure are difficult to catch photos of.  They don’t care to be out in the open and when they do they are always running across the street usually in pairs just asking to be hit by a car.  Scares me to death every time!

Common Name: California Quail

Scientific Name: Callipepla californica

The quail is the state bird of California.  They are highly sociable birds that often gathers in small flocks known as “coveys”.

If startled, these birds explode into short rapid flight, called “flushing”. Given a choice, they will normally escape on foot.

Their diet consists mainly of seeds and leaves, but they also eat some berries and insects.

The female usually lays approximately twelve eggs. Once hatched, the young associate with both adults. Often, families group together, into multifamily “communal broods” which include at least two females, multiple males and many offspring. Males associated with families are not always the genetic fathers. In good years, females will lay more than one clutch, leaving the hatched young with the associated male and laying a new clutch, often with a different associated male.

Fun fact: One of their daily communal activities is a dust bath. A group of quail will select an area where the ground has been newly turned or is soft, and using their underbellies, will burrow downward into the soil some one to two inches. They then wriggle about in the indentations they have created, flapping their wings and ruffling their feathers, causing dust to rise in the air.

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Summer’s Spotting Of The Week | California Quail
  • summer - What lovely birds and what lovely photos! We used to see quail all the time in our yard growing up but the older we got the less we saw them, probably from all the housing encroaching on their environment. I’m glad you are blogging again! Your photos are an inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Summer Nicole - Thanks Summer! I sure am trying! Let’s hope it sticks from here on out. 🙂ReplyCancel

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