Summer’s Spotting of the Week | Silver-Spotted Skipper

Last month I had a birthday and my husband gave me the thumbs up on getting my long time coveted and “fun” macro lens so I can dabble further into nature photography.  It came just in time for my trip to DC/VA and boy did it exceed my expectations.  It has been one of those tools on my list that I didn’t “need” per say, but I just HAD to have it and it is hands down my favorite lens to date.

I could have easily spent an an entire day dedicated to the wildlife, but my mom and I were supposed to be enjoying Mt. Vernon and learning about George Washington…so 5 minutes was 5 minutes too long in her book. Sorry Mom!

Common Name: Silver-Spotted Skipper

Scientific Name: Epargyreus clarus

This is actually a butterfly, not a moth and is the most recognized skipper in North America. (I had no idea!)

The adults rarely feed on yellow flowers and you can find them among gardens, the edge of forests and in fields.

Adults have long “tongues” and feed on nectar from a variety of flowers (Ifter et al. 1992, Tooker et al. 2002.), mud (Scott 1986, Brewer and Winter 1986), and occasionally on animal feces.

Summer’s Spotting of the Week | Silver-Spotted Skipper

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