I completely forgot that I did this shoot for UNDFIND a few months back.  Just saw that I’m up on their website!

If you haven’t heard about this company yet, they make amazing camera bags. They are made by photographers for photographers and they have made life so much easier that I don’t go anywhere without them.   I originally purchased the system for my husband last Christmas when the project was on Kickstarter, but I ended up stealing them less than a month later because they rocked my world so much that I couldn’t shoot without them.

We have the complete One System which includes the waist shooter and the One Bag which converts into a laptop bag when not in use.  Mine is never “not” in use so I keep it as a camera bag full time. They are super high quality, have had no problem keeping my gear protected and organized, and when using the waist shooter, have managed to save my shoulders and back from unnecessary aches and pains.  They are pretty great products, I highly recommend them!

Anyways, they excite me as you can tell, and even though I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it,  I thought I’d share. To browse, purchase, and to see the entire ad, click here.


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